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Student Visa Consultation Service


We are offering a helping hand to the Indian students to study in the renowned and world-class educational institutions of the European countries, and facilitating such a class of individuals by providing them a perfect combination of educational consultation with employment assistance. Students who aspire to study in the prestigious universities of Europe are provided visa processing service and offered enrollment in the Bachelor’s degree program. They are also offered employment facilities so they can work during their studies and gain experience of working in the European nation.

We understand the challenges faced by those who aspire to study in renowned foreign educational institutions, and considering all such requirements, we have designed our ‘Student Visa Consultation’ service in a manner that it provides a comprehensive coverage to all the essential tasks ranging from admission, visa stamping to travel arrangement. Our dedicated team is available to guide you at every step and complete all legal formalities in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

We offer ‘recruitment and academic’ facilitation for countries like, Canada, USA, Poland, UK, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.



  • Course Selection – Our counselors provide you detailed information about the destination, employment, salary and the courses which can be undertaken at the institution. They keenly observe the academic background and the work experience of the candidates, considering which they present before them a list of courses they can pursue while remaining employed in these European nations. The candidates’ choice and career goals are taken into consideration while offering them the job details along with the preferable course.

  • Completion of Admission Formalities – This can be a challenging task, but we share an extensive association with the reputed universities and educational institutions abroad, thus we coordinate with the university admission control office and ensure that all admission processes are carried out as efficiently as possible.

  • Visa Arrangement & Stamping – Complete assistance is offered with respect to the visa applications, inclusive of required documentation for filing the visa, processing the application and submitting it in the concerned consulate for the visa stamping.

  • Ticket Booking, Travel Arrangement & Accommodation – We assist you at every step of your journey and understand all your travel needs, therefore arrange air ticket, foreign exchange, and travel insurance before planning your deployment.

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